Renal Pseudotumor Due to Perirenal Fat Necrosis

Paula Andrea Rodriguez Urrego, MD, Daphne Ang, MD, David Laskow, MD, Richard A. Mann, MD, Billie Fyfe, MD


We report the findings of an uncommon non-infectious cause of renal pseudotumor,  perirenal fat necrosis, presenting as a native kidney mass in a renal transplant recipient. Resection was performed due to clinical suspicion for malignancy. To our knowledge this is the first report of a case of perirenal fat necrosis presenting in the transplant setting. This case emphasizes the need to continually expand our diagnostic considerations beyond epithelial and non-epithelial malignancies when confronted with native kidney masses in renal transplant recipients.


renal pseudotumor, fat necrosis, renal transplant

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