Primary Testicular Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma Metastasizing to Skin and Mimicking a Kaposiform Lesion: A Case Report

Pratik Q Deb, MD, PhD, Donghong Cai, MD, PhD*


Primary testicular diffuse large B-cell lymphoma is a well-recognized entity known for its indolent clinical course. Rapid dissemination and extensive dermal infiltration are not commonly encountered sequelae of this malignancy. Only one case report exists about its extensive dissemination and involvement of skin and bone. Here, we report a case of primary testicular diffuse large-B cell lymphoma treated with orchiectomy and adjuvant chemotherapy and recurred with widespread dermal involvement as  non-blanching violet papule and nodular lesions clinically mimicking Kaposi sarcoma.  Histopathological examination confirmed the lesion to be a recurrence of the original lymphoma with similar morphology and immunophenotype. Despite the adjuvant chemotherapy and radiotherapy, the disease progressed from stage-I to stage-IV within 16 months from the date of diagnosis, making it an unusually aggressive clinical course for primary testicular lymphoma.

[N A J Med Sci. 2021;1(1):008-011.   DOI:  10.7156/najms.2021.1401008]

Key Words: primary testicular diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, Kaposiform lesion

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