Cecal Bascule after Colonoscopy - Case Report and Review of Literature

Nihar Shah, Hiren Patel, Varun Patel, Robert Spira


Cecal bascule is a rare disease variant of a cecal volvulus. It consists of upward and anterior folding of the ascending colon, forming a flap valve, and occluding the bowel lumen resulting in proximal cecal dilatation. Herein, we present a case of a patient who developed persistent abdominal pain few hours after a colonoscopy. CT scan of the abdomen revealed an upward and anterior folding of the cecum. Subsequently the patient was taken to the operating room for a right hemi-colectomy. This case emphasizes the importance to consider cecal bascule as a differential diagnosis in patients with persistent abdominal pain after colonoscopy, considering the ease of diagnosis with imaging studies and emergent surgical correction. 


cecal bascule, cecal volvulus, colonoscopy complications, abdominal pain

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