Sclerosing Mesenteritis Involving the Small Bowel and Large Bowel Mesentery: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Ayesha Arshad, MD, Aleena Hussain, BS


Mesenteric Panniculitis/Sclerosing Mesenteritis is an under diagnosed, rare chronic fibrosing inflammatory disease that affects the mesenteric adipose tissue of the small intestine and rarely the mesocolon. The disease poses diagnostic challenge due to its non- specific clinical and radiologic findings.  Biopsy and histopathologic evaluation is required where there is clinical or radiological suspicion of neoplasia. Management of Mesenteric Panniculitis / Sclerosing Mesenteritis depends on the presentation, with medical therapy preferred for symptomatic patients and surgery reserved for life threatening complications. We represent a case of a 71-year old man who presented with vague abdominal symptoms. Computed Tomography and Positron Emission scans demonstrated mesenteric lesions suspicious for carcinoid. A diagnosis of Mesenteric Panniculitis / Sclerosing Mesenteritis was made on histologic evaluation. The patient’s symptoms on follow up did not warrant any therapeutic interventions till the writing of this article.

[N A J Med Sci. 2019;12(1):001-006.   DOI:  10.7156/najms.2019.1201001]

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